The Season for Camp Ovens

Want to cook outbush the way you cook at home? A camp oven is a great way to go – and we’ve had great success in the past cooking roasts, stews, bread, muffins, etc. Try cooking a roast – the smell will be fantastic. Get some hot coals going (with a fire for an hour or more). Rub salt into the meat. Add red wine (if you haven’t already drunk it), water and vegies. Push the fire and most of the coals to one side, put the camp oven on the remainder. Shovel some of the remaing coals on top of the oven. Leave for a couple of hours…. and enjoy!

More Camp Oven Tips

Look online for more tips on how to cook using camp ovens including: pre-heatingĀ  your oven, using a wire tray to keep the meat off the base and testing the temperature. All good ideas.

Seasoning Camp Ovens

If your camp oven is new (or an old oven in need of some TLC), you should season (or re-season) it as this helps prevent rust and helps with easier cleaning.

  • Scrub your oven with hot soapy water to remove the protective factory coating (never use soap again!)
  • Dry your oven thoroughly
  • Rub olive oil all over the inside and outside of your camp oven including its lid (leave for 24 hours before use). Don’t use oil ‘sprays’.
  • Then heat it (at home in your oven, in your BBQ or on camp)
  • Remember to always place the camp oven back on the fire to dry after washing it and then while still warm wipe oil over the inside and outside to prevent rusting
  • Manufacturers’ advice will be supplied with your new camp oven.