Camping Gear Checklist

There’s nothing worse than going bush and forgetting your swag… take our checklist with you next time you’re in the store and make sure you have the essentials:

□       Buckets and dishwashing liquid for dirty dishes (forget the tea towels – ‘flap dry’)

□       BBQ, camp ovens or stoves

□       Bedding including pillows, sheets, sleeping bags and mattresses

□       Basic toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, sponge, razor and blades

□       Camping table and chairs

□       Clothing suitable for all weather conditions (including sunhats, long-sleeves, socks and good boots)

□       Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery

□       First aid kit (including insect repellent and snake bite kit)

□       Food and drink

□       Gas bottles (a 9L and a 2L is ideal)

□       Gas or candle lanterns (plus extra mantles for gas lamp)

□       Head torch and general purpose torches


□       Pack of cards, sports equipment, boardgames

□       Petrol canister (and petrol)

□       Plastic bags to store rubbish

□       Plastic container with tap for water

□       Plug, handy when using powered sites

□       Radio and spare batteries (unless solar powered)

□       Spare batteries, tyre, toilet paper, matches, sunscreen and insect repellent

□       Tarpaulins

□       Tent or swag (including poles, spare poles, pegs and spare pegs, guy ropes)

□       Thermocell or Mozzie Coils (mosquito repellents)

□       Toilet / shower tent, solar shower (for longer trips)

□       Tools including mallet, shovel and spanner

□       Water bottles (and water purification tabs)

□       12V Compressor for vehicle tyres