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The Season for Camp Ovens

Want to cook outbush the way you cook at home? A camp oven is a great way to go – and we’ve had great success in the past cooking roasts, stews, bread, muffins, etc. Try cooking a roast – the

The N.T. General Store Goes Online

You can find out more about our product range and all the brilliant new products we have arriving in store via our website. You can also drop us a line to enquire about a product – if we haven’t got

Is This The Best Mozzie Repeller Ever?

Getting bitten by mozzies, midges and sandflies can really annoy even the most hardened Darwin local and mozzie coils aren’t always enough to keep these flying pain in the necks at bay. We tried and tested the ThermaCELL mosquito repellent

Anything But Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Did you know there are only 79 days until Christmas 2013? Don’t worry, we haven’t set up the tree and tinsel yet – this is October after all –  and Bill is flatly refusing to dress up as Santa anyway